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  • Size: 2-4mm around the particles.

  • Cultivate nitrifying bacteria, aquaculture and landscaping sand, with the simulation of water plants with landscaping!

  • black bottom sand has a metallic bright black surface, especially in light illumination, can provide a contrasting black bed for ornamental fish and shrimp, help fish and shrimp hair color.

  • For guppies, ornamental rice shrimp (cherry, fire, yellow rice, etc.), crayfish, raw fish, ornamental turtle.

  • Cleaning: with a little dust, used for fish tank bottom sand, water to be cleaned, the way similar to Taomi, cleaning about 4.5 times the water gradually clear into the cylinder.

  • Colour Name:Black sand stone

    Black Sands (black gold sand) does not guarantee that each black gold sand are black, there will be a little impurity particles, transport will inevitably have a powder. Wash the goods inside the bag tied a small hole at the bottom, the faucet rinse, dust impurities will follow the water from the bottom of the hole washed away, the bottom of the clear water into the cylinder, shop with bags, slowly upward water, and then open the filter shop Thick filter cotton, clear water fish. 【Calculation】 1 kg of about 300 ml laying 1 cm thickness = tank length * width (cm) divided by 300 。 Stability of water quality, suitable for ornamental fish and ornamental turtle ecological needs.

    ZYMY Gorgeous aquarium decorated with aquarium decorations glass beads aquarium 1 pound of enough decorative gravel rock gravel pebbles gem Black sand stone - B07HMM37ZN

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